An easy solution for seamless card payments with our powerful APIs

Initiate the transaction in your app

Your app or mobile web front-end initializes the transaction on your device.

Keep in mind that the transaction needs to be initialized on the same mobile device on which you want to accept the payment.

Perform the transaction in payleven app

The payleven app will open seamlessly with all the relevant transaction data prefilled, ready to accept the payment.

There are also other payment methods provided by payleven which you are able to use via the API such as cash payments. By using them you have all your payments accumulated within one accounting system.

Return to your app

Once the transaction has been processed the payleven app switches back to your app, displaying information about the payment.

Don’t miss out on benefiting from other features. Print or send a receipt, refund a transaction if needed or check your sales history.

Learn more about the payleven APIs by clicking on the button below. Please pay particular attention to the prerequisites for implementation.

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