for Apple Watch

The handy companion in your daily business

Running a business is a full time job that require the right tools. As with all things you want to keep track of in your life, how it performs is as important as the bare figures. So we made the payleven watch app, a remarkably convenient way to see how your business performs.

Beyond just being a watch

A quickly scannable summary of your business performance is just a raise of your wrist away. While looking at the time, see your daily income, the transactions made and proceed easily to more details if you like.

The information you need

Apple’s force touch adds a new dimension to the payleven interface. Pressing firmly on the display enables you to switch between daily and weekly overview.

The history on a glimpse

Browsing through your recent sales has never been easier. Swipe through them efficiently and take a closer look at those you may be particularly interested in.

The primary details

It just serves with the right amount of information about a payment to get yourself up to date. For more details and actions, the watch app lets you to continue on the spot in your iPhone.

We simplify your daily business

Download payleven watch app

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